Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Thoughts

It’s been a while that I have blogged about something other than Oracle and IOUG related things, but today on a Saturday when I am hanging around the house I thought this was one of those times to blog about other topics.

So back to work after my trip to Oracle HQ for the Sun announcement and getting back into the rhythm of the everyday grind. Working with some great clients doing some interesting project. And last night was the Thoughtcorp “Holiday Party”-in February. Ok, a little late but probably better since we could have almost everyone there. It is a really important value that a company, especially a consulting company like ours. We work apart most of the time, but there are so many great people in the company who you can discover or rediscover. It really reinforces the motivation to be part of a team and realize how good a team you are part of. Great party…..great food……great entertainment. And of course watching the “Drunk Guys” struggle to make it to the finish line all added to what these events are all about. Working Hard and Playing Hard.

I also am getting ready for the Olympics in Vancouver. We are a mere 8 days away from the start of the games. I love the Olympics. As a kid in Montreal, I went everyday to see the ‘76 summer games. I loved the experience and am so excited to watch this year’s event. And finally this could be the year that Canada finally wins a gold at a games in Canada…its about time! Turns out that Canada is good at more than hockey and curling and this week SI predicted to be 2nd in medals with 10 of them being gold.

So as winter continues. I think of when I go to Vegas in the Spring. It may be cold outside here in Toronto (-7c) but it was also the first day of the 2010 when the Sun on my face actually felt warm. And basically that means that its almost golf season.

Go Indy! Calling for a big win in tomorrow’s Super Bowl. Only downside for me is that I don’t get to see the US commercials…..looking forward to seeing loads of Tim Hortan’s and Canadian Tire commercials!