Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Big Day for Big Data at Oracle OpenWorld

When you come to Oracle OpenWorld you realize that the world is changing. I find that when Oracle embraces a technology they may not be first but they are there when it counts and that is true for Big Data and the Oracle ecosystem.

The Big Data is big news and Oracle has shown it’s ready to take on the challenge. Monday, Andy Mendelsohn, SVP Database Server Technologies, spoke to us about Oracle’s Big Data Strategy.


He discussed what Big Data is and how it is used. The explosion of information today is resulting in major changes to technology. We need to understand NoSQL databases, we need to embrace Hadoop and we need to change the way we think to find the information nuggets which will support business advancement.

So what has Oracle done…. let me count the ways

  1. The Bog Data Appliance
  2. The Oracle NoSQL database
  3. The Oracle Loader for Hadoop
  4. Oracle Data Integrator for Big Data
  5. R Enterprise

This is significant for us in the data-space, the time for Big Data may be now or soon. It shows me that the technology  has been validated and it is time to start looking into this. This is very exciting technology and considering the mass of information we are collecting it will be important for us to use this data to achieve a competitive advantage.

Next April 2012 at COLLABORATE12, I will be running a bootcamp on Big Data, and it will be the first place that real-world experiences in Big Data will be shown.

These are Big times for Big Data!