Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My IOUG is coming to Oracle OpenWorld

It’s that time of the year again. The summer is slowly coming to a close. The evenings are getting colder and the days shorter. The other thing that arrives at this time of the year is Oracle OpenWorld; the annual gathering of Oracle customers hosted by Oracle. It all starts on September 30th, when I and lots of other Oracle professionals will descend upon San Francisco for the annual event.

I have to admit one of the great highlights of the week, is the very first event of the week. This is the IOUG  at the User Group Sunday event where the user group starts the week with presentations , discussions and panel on the deepest parts of Oracle’s technology, where users share their stories and experiences. I will be presenting a seminar about Big Data: the Future is Now. OpenWorld is the place where I get to meet old friends and colleagues and hang out with my cool cousin (who lives in San Fran), it is one of two gatherings of users and it is the place I renew many friendships. It is like a geek pilgrimage. 

The remainder of the week is all about Oracle. It is at OOW where we get to hear from Larry Eliison and listen to his vision for the future. We hear about some of the new technologies which will become part of our fabric in our future. I remember hearing about Big Data a few years ago as a concept and now it is becoming mainstream. I will be speaking during the week about how Agile has helped EPAM to deliver Big Data projects; a very exciting topic these days to allow for effective creation of data and reporting solutions. And of course there are the networking events… this year we even get to see Pearl Jam. And then some Oracle Music festival which includes Macy Grey. How do they do it?

So why not come by and see all of us in the user groups and become part of the fun?

Here are Ian’s Top 5 Benefits of the IOUG at OpenWorld

5. Best directions to sessions
4. IOUG helps people separate reality from hype… after 5 drinks.
3. Get to finally meet TV star.. John Matelski. Looks like he may be the next host of Meet The Press!
2. Coolest t-shirts
1. Special IOUG lines at all food and drink counters for all OpenWorld events!

So I hope to everyone at the event. You will find the IOUG booth at Moscone West in the user group pavilion. See you there.