Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Changing Face of Oracle Technology

The coming year is one which will provide Oracle users and user groups with the chance to evolve and change as Oracle continues to change.

In the past year wehave seen significant changes in technology and the Oracle technology stack. The changes are comig and the evolution of Oracle as a company and as a technology is changing. We are beginning to see the changes in the latest products which are coming from Oracle.

The BEA acquisition is showing this as the latest release of WebCenter Suite has truly shown great changes whic allow it to better integrate wih Oracle and other products. The changes hae meant that the product and it's support for Web 2.0 initiatives is simple and easy to implement.

The Seibel acquistion changed Oracle in the most obvisious way by allowing Oracle to offer a world-class CRM solution. The acquisition also made some real changes to Oracle's BI offering. Oracle BI which grew out of acquired products have allowed Oracle to compete with the big boys of BI. OBIEE and especially the coming release of the prduct will provide users with a solid product which can be used to depoloy a solid BI solution. In addition Hyperion and Essbase complement this tool with robust forcasting and budgeting capabilities. The total package.

Other acquisition will change things even more, the Sun acquisition will be a game changer and one that will forever change the face of Oracle, but we will watch as the technology changes and improves our solutions and our businesses and see what change we embrace and others which fall to the side.

I also want to thank Patrick Fordham (www.torontophotographer.com/) who recently took some heads shots for Oracle magazine and which I am now using as my new profile picture. Thanks.