Saturday, May 2, 2009

The New 2009-2010 IOUG Board of Directors

Today may be Saturday, but the user group is busily working and planning our future. The IOUG Forum at COLLABORATE09 will begin in earnest tomorrow. Today the IOUG is holding one of the Board meetings that we run each year. The meetings generally cover operational issues and of course plot our strategic direction to meet the coming challenges. With the economy changing on a daily basis so we need to put in place programs that provide members the most benefits possible to help them be their best and make membership an important part of every Oracle technology professional.

One other item that we covered this morning was the election of directors for the IOUG. As part of the election process the user community elects people to be Board members and then the Board internally votes on who will fill which Board positions.

So who is the new IOUG Board of Directors for the coming year:

  • President Ian Abramson
  • EVP Andy Flower
  • VP of Finance Kent Hinckley
  • Director of Education Jon Wolfe
  • Director of RUG/SIG Todd Sheetz
  • Director of Marketing Steve Lemme
  • Director of Advocacy John Matelski
  • Director of Content Judi Dolittle
  • Director of Membership Michelle Malchar
  • Director of Social Nets Andy Flower

I look forward to seeing where we go in the coming year. The challenges continue and I expect that we at the IOUG are ready to take it on with vigour.

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