Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year and New Challenges

As we begin a new year I start looking back and looking forward. How did I and how did the industry change in the past year and what should I now expect in the new year? In the past year at Thoughtcorp I look back at the solutions we created and how we are creating solutions 12 months later. I see a change coming and I look forward to what it will bring.

What I discuss is how we deliver business reporting and analytical solutions. At a basic level what organizations need today is no different than what they have always needed. Organizations need access to information on a timely basis to provide insightful information which can better enable the business to react to changing conditions. The new year also brings an approach which we have been developing over the past year around using Agile development methods in a data warehouse project. The key is that by going Agile, that your project will deliver in an expected manner with the business highly involved in the resulting solution. We have seen how information can transform a business. Agile has often been discussed in the context of BI, bur has rarely been used for an Enterprise data warehouse project. At Thoughtcorp we are now doing just that and have already seen the success and efficiencies it can bring to delivering project on time and more importantly meeting insightful business requirements.

So today I start to see that shift of using the Agile manifesto as a base for all data projects. As for reporting we start seeing organizations that previously had little integrated reporting can now start to mature and move ahead of basic reporting and truly embrace business reporting.

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