Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thoughtcorp or is it The Addams Family

This week one of my favourite people and client sent out an email about the people that work at Thoughtcorp and how we look like the Adams Family…. Now being someone who is being compared to Uncle Fester, I still think it is so funny. So let me introduce you to some of the Thoughtcorp Addams family. Thanks to John H for this fantastic comparison to the famous family.
First is me, Ian Abramson, as Uncle fester.
clip_image001 clip_image002
And next up is our Co-CEO David Bercovitch or should I say Lurch, or at least a shorter version of him.
clip_image003 clip_image004
And then is Val Hedow, of Director of HR, or as some will now refer to as Morticia…. It’s almost uncanny.
clip_image005      clip_image006
And of course, Gino Marckx, of Agile Practice Director, when it comes to Agile he is second to none, but amazing I think he will be known as Gomez Adams.

Finally the Dino Chronopoulos, the head of the Finance group at Thoughtcorp, seems to look a lot like Pugsley….interesting.
I love and To put a real spin on this. There are places where you have a chance to work where you can build or do great things, but you always have to remember to have some fun at work and let it loose. Thanks John for helping me understand that I now for the Addam’s Family.

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