Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How we Learn

With COLLABORATE10, the Oracle User Group conference starting April 18th in Las Vegas it started me thinking how do people learn? Or should I say what is the best way to learn a new skill or improve an existing skill.

There is classroom, online, book and other methods. So what is the most effect form to learn this new capability? Well there are many studies out there that state that you will remember lessons better if you are able to apply the skill right away and that you can continue to develop it as you work on this as well. In the classroom or virtual classroom you have the opportunity to do this and ask the trainer for advice and methods. It also makes us think about visual learners versus audio learners. The best way is really only the best for each individual.

I look at COLLABORATE10 and look as the total package of learning and this is why I feel that conferences can have unparalleled learning options. Consider you can spend a full day in an in-depth session learning from a world renowned expert or listen to topics during shorter more concentrated sessions. The real value comes from the teacher of these sessions that can bring you the value. By adding this person to your network and building a relationship with these experts can be the way that you can take these learnings to the next level.

So for me it is about getting involved in my learning and taking it in actively. Learning the subject, but also learning who the experts are so that we can really absorb all of it and understand how best to apply it. Learning is about you, so maybe there is no one answer, but I can tell you that by getting involved by asking the questions will get you closer to your goal.

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