Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Great Time of Year

This time of year is always a special one in my world. It is the time when I am getting ready to attend COLLABORATE 10 in Las Vegas. This is the conference for Oracle users by Oracle users. It is also the time when I am wrapping up my hockey season and starting golf. And finally it seems to be a time when a lot of your work comes together and you begin to see the potential benefits of the work you’ve done over the winter.

First is the greatest conference to attend if you use any part of the Oracle technology stack. This is the first time we will get together to ask Oracle where are we and where are we going? What does the Sun acquisition mean and how should I prepare. I really encourage people of take part in person but if not then attend online via the best value access to the priceless information. Take a look at the IOUG’s Plugged-In to Vegas. You can sign up and “attend” over 40 hours of live sessions and be part of the event by posing your own questions in the room via your Plugged-In login. Take a look, I know I will be there and look forward to seeing everyone at this one-of-a-kind event.

My hockey season is finally coming to a close and it turned out to be a great overall success. My Monday night team played a solid and emotional season, where one of our friends Kevin battled back to play after being diagnosed with Cancer less than a year earlier. You next met a greater bunch of guys. On Thursdays we are still in the playoffs and looking like we might have a chance. Too early to make the call, but will keep you updated. And on Friday game ended in a dramatic final game, where I made the stops I had to but the team dominated to take us to a big win and the Rusty Nail Cup.

And of course Spring brings out the golfer in me. I played my first round on the weekend, April 3rd to be exact. I know I can attribute it to Global Warming, but I have to admit I really had a great time being back out on the course. Shot a 93, which included my first birdie, 3 pars and too many double bogies. And to my amazement the course (not my course) was in great shape. Its funny but April 3rd, 2010 may have been a better day in Toronto than any day last summer.

Looking forward to the next few weeks.

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