Friday, June 10, 2011

Data Security Do Companies Still Not Get It?>

The story today about the CitiGroup data breach just makes me wonder what companies are thinking?

I believe they understand the importance of security, but what are they doing about it. The tools to support what you need to do to secure your information are available. Security requires two things: focus and investment. You must focus your business on the requirement for security. Build the secure processes and enforce them. As Gene Kranz once said "Failure is not an option." People must be dedicated to an overall sense of information security.

The IOUG is currently running a security survey, what do you think?

Data is a corporate asset. It also contains sensitive personal information about customers, vendors, staff and corporate intelligence and we must make the investment. As a person who works with this type of information on a daily basis I never underestimate data security, but often companies do. They often secure externally facing data, but forget other points of access and ultimately face a breach. And what becomes of this data is the real fear. In the information age.... data is king. Time to roll out a security detail.

Data comes in many different forms and it is necessary to protect it throughout its lifecycle. You don't want to be the next headline in the USAToday


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  2. CitiGroup is a very big player in the banking industry, so a data breach would mean that the financial information of their clients and the company itself have been accessed by unauthorized users. That can leave a bad impression on their clients, both current and future, which may lead to some pulling out their investments and savings from the bank. This should serve as a lesson to other big players in the banking industry to utilize data security measures and systems to ensure that the information they store are kept safe.

    @Ruby Badcoe