Friday, February 27, 2009

Find the Balance, it's Friday

Wow...Friday finally. I love Fridays. I like getting stuff done on Fridays. I hate to have things hang around over a weekend. Friday is a great day to bring closure to work that you have been involved in during the week. So on this day I wonder about the mix of work and life.

It is said by some that “They live to work”, while other say “They work to live”. Switch the words around and consider how different the meanings are. For many years I have seen people burn themselves out while living for work. They see work as something that defines them and that work becomes more important than life. This is unfortunate for those around the focused individuals. We see it all the time. The people who get home late, who work when they get home and they work at the dinner table. The Blackberry has enabled these people to take the live to work to take things to a whole new level.

Let’s look at the other side of this equation; the people who work to live. These are the people that strive for balance live and work. These people understand the meaning of downtime. The opportunity to clear your mind and return focused, is the major benefit of the balance. If you continually are in work mode, you have no opportunity to break away and regenerate creative juices. I always think that walking away from a problem will give me a new perspective and invariably it does and speeds me to a solution. The balance gives you this same advantage to clear your mind, focus and re-energize the batteries. So consider today; Friday as the day that you will strive for balance. The day you will leave on time. Make today the day that you will not answer your Blackberry after dinner and the day that you will reenergize yourself by bring balance back to the equation.

Of course one final mention for the week...if you need to reenergize your Oracle balance take part and attend COLLABORATE 09 in Orlando May 3-7, 2009.
Make it a great day and make it a great weekend!

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