Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How can we get things right?

It’s amazing to me how many people get it wrong. You see these words and what comes to mind? Is it the way that the city times traffic lights? Or is it that bank made an error in your account? Or is it the economy? Or is it this year’s Oscars? No, what I am talking about are data systems. After all that’s what I do. However, I do have opinions on all of the previous questions.

I get exposed to many different data projects and sometimes we come in and it is Greenfields, other times you come into a situation where something has been built. It may or may not have satisfied business requirements at some point in time, but today it does not and probably has grown into something that is unmanageable and unproductive. How do things end up going so wrong?

They go wrong for numerous reasons. It could be a result of inexperience, other times it is someone so focused on their own solution that the bigger picture gets lost. At times it is a result of time. It’s easier to build a little application, than worry about integrating into the billing system. People make systems go bad and it’s generally those who don’t know better. Inexperience and lack of thought leadership is the biggest obstacle to success.

Generally, most situations can be fixed, sometimes you need to rebuild, but generally in the data arena, with data everything can be fixed. But how do you fix inexperience. By learning on your own and from others can help you avoid the pitfalls. Consider attending the IOUG Forum at Collaborate 09. Just click on the link and find a way to become the experienced and knowledgeable person and become someone who won’t get it wrong. Today with the current state of things we can’t afford to get it wrong. So come and be part of the place where people get it right.

BTW....I got 18 of 24 Oscar picks right this year and was crowned The Abramson Family Oscar champ!

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