Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to the IOUG President's Blog

Hi to all,

The world has changed at an unprecedented pace and we need to keep up.

Being the President of the IOUG, I thought that it would be great to open communications with the community and provide a perspective on where the Oracle user community is heading and how the IOUG can help each of us in our journey.

The blog is meant to foster communication from the Board and myself with the community. I expect that I will touch on many subjects and open new discussions. I will help everyone to understand what the user group is up to and how to take best advantage of the benefits as well as discuss general Oracle topics or technology.

To start with I would like to mention that everyone should consider attending Collaborate 09 ( ). We often look to the web for all of answers, but the face-to-face opportunity to learn is a very cost-effective option considering that the amount of information that you take in in-person is significantly higher than when you learn on your own or via the web. The conference has content that is critical for attendees to learn. I find that at every event I attend I learn something new (even after all these years), as well it energizes me when I return. Oracle education can be very exciting. I hope that everyone can attend this year and I hope to meet all of you in Orlando, May 3-7, 2009.

In the coming days and weeks I will continue to communicate what we are up to and I hope that people who read this blog voice their opinions as well, so that I can encourage the entire Oracle community to become more social!

Thanks, Ian

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