Monday, April 13, 2009

The IOUG Board of Directors Update

As we start this new week, I look to the future. The future is comes with unknown challenges and choices. We do not know exactly what we will encounter in the coming weeks, months and years. The times are constantly changing and we must all do our best to be prepared.

With the coming of spring we look to a sense of renewal of change for the better. For those of you who read this and live in climates that are green all the time it may be difficult to envision. This is a time when the grass turns from brown to green and colour returns to our world. The IOUG also has it’s annual Spring event we like to call the IOUG Board of Directors election. This election recently finished and I am very excited by the results. Of course with change comes the departure of some of the great IOUG volunteers and thought leaders that I had the chance to work with in my time within the IOUG.

Leaving the IOUG Board this year are Tony Jedlinksi, George Trujillo and Peter Smith. These 3 gentlemen represent how the things you do can help those who are around you as well as yourself. Each of the 3 brought their special talents and knowledge in many areas such as ApEx, Fusion, Database among others. These guys all know their stuff and are great about sharing their knowledge and skills. They are also great volunteers each with special accomplishments that are too many to mention here, Tony work with the web site and the support of SIGs was tremendous, George’s work with SELECT magazine has helped to Sheppard it into the great value it is to all of the IOUG members and finally Peter, who has been the backbone for all of the education that has been offered all year long, but that everyone sees at the IOUG Forum every year. Each gave their time, but being a volunteer also means that they will go on to serve in different ways to continue to build the Oracle technology community. We thank you for your time on the Board.

The IOUG also welcome Jon Wolfe, John Matelski, Todd Sheetz and Judi Dolittle to the 2009 IOUG Board of Directors. Each provides a new insight and energy to the Board and will work well as we begin to renew the user community and motivate us to take part and encourage everyone to share and become part of the Oracle community, in this world you need all the help you can get.

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