Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Network

Monday night hockey has come and gone and I sadly report that my team fell to defeat 2-1. The team fought hard, but our opponent on that night scored more goals, but did not defeat us.
My teammates and friends would have loved to be the Champions, but it was not to be. Being part of this team is special already. The guys are all unique and bring a closeness and honesty (except for Jimmy the Liar) that I have rarely found in many people. These guys love the game of hockey, but as we all get older we also realize that we come on Monday nights to be part of the event that is hockey. We talk about everything and exchange stories (some real and some you can’t believe are real) and have some fun, these are the reasons that really bring us out each week.

Here is a picture of the Remax All Stars.....a great group of friends.

What does my team illustrate to me is that here is a network of people you spend your time with, and they contribute to your success and you to their's. I look at the network of Oracle professionals I know and I feel impressed. I know and feel comfortable asking the best DBAs, Architects, Developers, Trainers and DW people questions that I cannot answer and they will help me. I look to the community to help me be better. I look to my hockey team to make us all winners, I look to my playing partner in golf to make us better and get some more putts and lower scores, I look for my Oracle friends to make us both better at using the Oracle technology. The true value of a network is the value that it brings to your personal and business life. I like to hang out with my hockey buddies and my Oracle buddies, my network is at work all year long.

I also want to remind you to register for the IOUG Forum at COLLABORATE09 in Orlando. The early bird value pricing ends this THURSDAY so sign up and make your Oracle network part of your winning team.

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