Thursday, April 9, 2009

IOUG Forum at COLLABORATE09....Less than 4 weeks to go!

Here we are with under 4 weeks until the IOUG Forum kicks off at COLLABORATE09 in Orlando. The date of May 3rd will bring together the Oracle technology and applications communities once again for our annual get together and is where you need to be if you are serious about your Oracle career.

Many years ago, Ray Lane, the former President of Oracle, stood up at the annual IOUG user conference and said that people go to Oracle World to learn where the product is heading and how it is supposed to work and that IOUG conference attendees come to learn how the product actually works. This is the partnership between customer and vendor that we all expect and ultimately produce a better product. The history of Oracle and the user community is a long and storied one but one that has always looked out for the best of the customer and the best of the product. We both have the same goal to create a database environment for the benefit of our organizations. COLLABORATE09 will be the user event that will provide solid content on the latest in Oracle technology and how to optimize your Oracle investment from the source. Oracle’s executives and product experts will be at the event telling us all how to make the most of your Oracle assets in these difficult times. These are the people who make things happen at Oracle and can have a real effect on the direction of the product. I encourage you to attend and engage the Oracle folks and tell them what you think, tell them what you need and ask them how they can help. Oracle comes to our event to allow people this chance that is rarely available and so valuable if taken advantage of.

The conference will have sessions covering the technology space, the application space and just about anything else around the Oracle technology stack. The sessions will be provided by people who are involved in using the tools on a daily basis. They will tell you how the product really works and how to get the most from it. The educators that share their knowledge as the best Oracle technologists in the world and you have the chance to meet all of them. By attending you can network with these experts. These people can help you one day and can save you and your organization from serious downtime. The networking in person is something that cannot be replicated on any social network, although maybe Collaborate2027 may be held in Second Life and I can’t wait to see what my Avatar looks like.

The Collaborate conference is going to be another great example of the partnership between Oracle and its user community. There are many reasons to not attend (based on short sighted economic reasons), but consider what you will learn and how you will prepare for the coming changes in technology by being there and being part of the best Oracle professionals in the world. Orlando in May is where you need to be if you are serious about your future.

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