Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Delivering on Time

Today is about delivery. We expect our pizzas in 30 minutes or less and we want our projects delivered on time and one budget; or it’s free! The 30 minute guarantee is a a great incentive to get things done and get them done on time or it will cost your business. Projects have to be delivered on time but so often they go off the rails and end up in places that projects do not need to go.

We often see in this open-source world that we live in and tendency to build something and put it out there for consumption...after all this is the Web 2.0 era. We often bypass process for an arrow that may or may not hit the target. Understand that there must be a process or methodology behind your approach for you to increase your chances to hit the target.

For years I have been designing and building data warehouses. I like to thing that I have always built with the best interest of the customer and designed it to allow for expandability and is robust enough to change with the changing business. I have been able to deliver by understanding the process and the steps that must be taken in order to be successful. In addition working with some great developers didn’t hurt. Developer’s are to an Architect what Goal Posts are to a Goalie. They make you look good.

So on a day when I deliver to my client , it will be in 30 minutes or less and it will provide them with a roadmap that focuses their energy on the task at hand ands provides them with a plan for creating an environment that will support their business as it changes and expands over the coming years. It is about focus and best practices and use of Web 2.0 for good. We will help them with best practices and our experience.

Finally on my way to my delivery I will let you know that these are the types of things that we learn being part of an organization like the IOUG. I really encourage everyone to attend COLLABORATE 09, this is where we learn for the best of the best and allow us to be more valuable to our organizations so that we all can be delivering in 30 minutes or less!

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