Friday, March 13, 2009

Social Highlights

This morning I received a note from a Facebook friend. It was about golf clubs and food, which are two of my favourite topics. What also struck me was how people use social networking sites and what they say. This is made more interesting that I am posting this thought via a social site as well, which I believe might put us in a potential infinite loop.

I find what people put into their Facebook status very interesting. Some people put down things about where they are while other put down something profound. Not sure how people get these statements, but I like them.

Have you noticed that Facebook changed the format of the page again? Not sure I like the changes but we could start a campaign to get them to change again...already done.
So what are my friends saying? Here are some samples:
  • John wonders why when all is said and done, more is said than done.
  • Debra is going for 3rd hotel this week – Solihull
  • John - Hey! Heard you have cheese for Thursday! Cheese is goooood.
  • Ari said hi to Al Roker - 2nd time this week already.
  • Dan - Me: "What did you learn today?" My 5yo daughter: "Vultures pee on themselves to cool off." Love public school :)
  • Susan - joined Twitter. Not sure I need to update my status as no one is watching. But I'm watching John Mayer and I feel like I'm part of his life! :O
  • Peter is just sending out the email to the Ottawa Oracle User Group about our meeting on March 25th. Also getting a plug in for the COLLABORATE09 conference.
I’m not sure about what it all means and still working on when smeone said "They were embracing their inner Galt". I do know that I love how each person has personalized their use of Facebook to their own personality. It provides us an insight into people and an insight into the way they think and see the world. I am looking to see how we as a user community can answer the call and make this a valuable platform for ideas and exchanges of thoughts.

Social networking is emerging and we are trying to get the community involved. The IOUG is actively involved in utilizing the social networking scene to mobilize the Oracle technology population to attend the great IOUG Forum this May 3-7 in Orlando it is a great event.

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