Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Security Risks and Protecting Your Data

This morning I read about a SQL Injection that may be impacting up to 450,000 people each day. A SQL Injection is a “viral” program that runs and could exploit vulnerabilities in SQL to access data that may not be for public consumption. Of course this should be a serious concern for everyone who runs applications on the Internet and for all of us who use it. It brings up the question of security and how secure is your data.

We often focus our security on perimeter defences but this is not always enough. We need to also secure our data within our database. As you can see by the news of today that hackers have found a new way to into your data and they are exploiting database access via the middleware. This is why the IOUG Forum at Collaborate is hosting a SANS institute session on security. The session covers these security topics and provides guidance on how best to implement security and help you in understanding why you need to take better care of your data. This is also another reason for you to keep your software up to date and install security patches as required.
I am not sure that a SQL Injection hurts or not, but I know that the results of a security breach can last for a significant amount of time after it occurs.

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