Friday, March 6, 2009

You Need to Stay Ready

Just when you think you totally have things going your way. You realize that you can’t take things for granted. Last night I felt like I would have a great hockey game; as I was in the zone. So I expect that this game would follow like the one earlier in the week. When I arrived I realized I had forgotten my hockey jersey and socks. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but it was. It thought off my standard preparation. I was out of rhythm. It got in my head and all of this because I hadn’t prepared correctly.

We need to be agile and ready to roll with the punches. Today I read that unemployment was at it’s highest in 25 years. I lived through the last recession and I remember the gas crisis. At the end things will be alright. We will figure things out, but how can you deal with things now? You need to be ready to change at a moment’s notice. You need to have vision for the bigger picture. You need to be sure that your skills are current. You need to understand what are the new skills that you will need to keep ahead of the curve and be an economic survivor. As I discussed yesterday, this will make you different; because too many people are too complacent in their skills. So go out and get ahead of the curve. Last night I borrowed a jersey and some socks and was able to get back in rhythm. I made a lot of great saves, but unfortunately making 50 saves was not enough. Good thing it wasn’t the playoffs!

So I would tell you stay ready and stay current. COLLABORATE 09 is coming up and you better be ready if you want to be an Oracle survivor.

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