Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Performance from Start to Finsih

I have discussed in the past the subjects of teamwork and winning and focus. Last night my Monday hockey team, the Remax All Stars won our semi-final game. We played a solid game from start to finish with the focus on the team and doing everything we can to gain a team victory.

The game was one that required us to drive to the end. It was an overtime win that was needed after a goal by the opposition late in the game. The team could have folded under the pressure of the late 3rd period score, but we did not we gathered ourselves up and with the help of the goalpost during the overtime period we were able to score during the sudden-death frame.

What can we learn from this? I look at it as a way that I work every day. I am very results oriented. I like to work to a goal and achieve it as well and as efficiently as possible. I draw on my experience to help drive the right solution at the right time, while considering the big picture. I find that we often focus on what happens at the end of a project. The hours of development, the hours of testing and the hours of fixing and changing things is often the focus of a project, but I feel that we need to put those hours in at the start to ensure that a project works to a solid standard and builds for the future. If we better understand what the business wants and more importantly what they need we can develop better solutions. Technology provides us with the ability to solve many business issues, but we also have to be proactive to surround people with an ecosystem that allows them to explore new directions in information and ultimately the organization.

You need to understand where you want to get to and how to get there. I look at learning from my experiences and those of my network of colleagues to solve and exceed expectations. The IOUG is my conduit to this network and I encourage you to be part of this and learn from experience by attending COLLABORATE09 in Orlando.

Ultimately the team, the entire team needs to drive from start to finish of a project. Just like my hockey team’s win last night, we could not have done it if we didn’t come together as a team.

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