Monday, March 23, 2009

IOUG Elects New Board Members

Every year the IOUG elects people to the Board of Directors and right now our election is underway. If you are a member of the IOUG you can cast your Ballot now for the slate of great people who have been nominated for consideration. So who are these people who are coming to the Board? These are all individuals who have a long and deep commitment to the success of the user community.

The first person on this year's slate is Judi Doolittle, Judi is the current EVP of the IOUG and bring a strong technical and managerial leadership to the group. She continues to provide the group with leadership from an Oracle customer perspective. New to the Board is will be John Matelski, Todd Sheetz and Jon Wolfe. Many of you will have already have met some or all of the three new candidates. They have been long time and active volunteers in the IOUG and great Oracle community. John Matelski comes to us after a recent stint of leading the International Oracle User Council (IOUC) and works as the CIO for Gwinnett County in Georgia. He will provide the IOUG membership with strong strategic leadership and will aid us in working with Oracle to represent the user community. Todd Sheetz is a hands-on Oracle technologist; he has recently been leading the IOUG Best Practices SIG and has been an important part of the growth and expansion of the community. Finally is Jon Wolfe. Jon has been the technical session chair for the past few COLLABORATE conferences, under his guidance he has worked with the Conference Committee to provide education that improves each and every year. Education and networking are the core values of the user community and Jon is an integral part of these offerings.

These are great people who have seen the value to be involved in the user community. User group members are statistically more knowledgeable, happier and richer than non-members. In these times of uncertainty, it’s time to get involved just like Judi, John, Todd and Jon.

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